Recent Posts

Mistakes Data Scientists Make

15 minute read          

Badges of honour for the accomplished data scientist.

Introducing energy-py-linear

less than 1 minute read          

A Python library for optimizing energy systems using mixed integer linear programming.

A Guide to Deep Learning Layers

26 minute read          

Explaning the fully connected, convolution, the LSTM and attention deep learning layer architectures.

A Hackers Guide to AEMO & NEM Data

3 minute read          

A simple guide to data provided by AEMO for the Australia’s National Electricity Market (NEM).

Jevon’s Paradox

2 minute read          

Energy efficiency is not so simple.

All hail Open AI Five

2 minute read

Dota fans are making the same mistake Go fans did in underestimating Open AI.

CAISO Stage 1 Grid Emergency

1 minute read

On May 3rd 2017 the California grid experienced its first Stage 1 grid emergency in nearly a decade.

Capacity Factor

3 minute read

It’s not how much capacity (MW) you have - it’s how you use it (MWh).