A chemical engineer’s 22 most used Excel shortcuts

Ctrl + ←↑→↓ Used to move between sections on sheet
Ctrl + TabSwitch between workbooks
Ctrl + Page UpMove one sheet to left
Ctrl + Page DownMove one sheet to right
Alt + F11Open Visual Basic editor
F5Open Go To dialog box
Formula Editing
F2Edit selected cell
F4Cycle through fixed references (ie C4, $C$4, C$4, C$4)
F9Can be used to calculate sub sections of formulas (very useful and very dangerous!)
Ctrl + Shift + ←↑→↓Used to drag multiple cell selections to end of section
Sheet Building
Ctrl + Shift + + + CInsert column
Ctrl + Shift + + + RInsert row
Ctrl + F3Opens name manager sheet
Ctrl + FOpen Find dialog box
Ctrl + 1Opens 'Format Cells' dialog box
Ctrl + Shift + 1Formats cell as number with two decimal places
Ctrl + Shift + 5Formats number as percentage with no decimal places
Ctrl + IItalics
Ctrl + BBold
ALT + HA + LAlign left
ALT + HA + CAlign center
ALT + HA + RAlign center