Energy Insights – Automated Cars

Energy Insights is a series where we pull out key points from energy articles around the web. This is not a full summary but a taste – if you like the ideas then please listen to the podcast.

Previous posts in this series include the IEA 2016 World Outlook and Vaclav Smil on Carbon Capture & Storage.

This insight comes from the Energy Gang podcast “Autonomous Car Fleets: A Dystopian or Utopian Future?”  If you don’t already listen to the Energy Gang podcast, you should be.

The podcast guest Joshua Goldman quotes a study that increased automation could lead to a 60% increase in miles driven in cars.  Without improvements in fuel efficiency this would lead to an increase in carbon emissions and pollutants from transportation.

Automation will allow us to spend the time in our cars how we want to.  While this is great for us it may not be great for the environment!